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We support and fund the research of Canadian doctors, dentists and pharmacists.

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Supporting Medical Research

Our mission is to facilitate and support medical research. We specialize in finding funding for research done by Canadian physicians. We provide a wide range of research support services with on-staff epidemiologists, bio-statisticians and research associates. Our services are risk-free and come at no initial cost.

1. Define a project

We help design research that gets funded.

2. Document

We help collect, document and archive data to meet regulatory requirements.

3. Get funding

We help create research proposals or reports that maximize the odds of getting funded.

Our Services

We provide a wide range of services to support medical research. Our epidemiologists can help design and refine research protocols. Our research assistants can help collect and archive your data and our bio-statisticians can help conduct cutting-edge analyses. We also specialize in securing corporate funding for medical research, from NRC corporate grants to SR&ED tax credits. We charge a success fee on the funding obtained by medical corporations to support our institute. If no funding is obtained, our services are free. If funding is obtained, proceeds go right back into supporting medical research.


Our app allows you to log each research event on your computer or mobile device to document your progress


Our staff is here to support your research. We can help you design, plan, collect and analyze data

Continuing Education

Join other iMD members in local research days to share with and learn from others

Love Research

We are passionate about research. Our goal is to help you grow your research and impact your field

We Come To You

Whether it is creating a planning document, refining a protocol, or analyzing data, we can come to you

Funding Guaranty

Funding your research is a priority. If we don’t get funding, our services are complimentary

Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.         Zora Neale Hurston

Who We Are

Our Institute of Medical Research is a network of physicians and clinics focused on pooling resources to support and facilitate clinical research. We focus on facilitating research done by clinicians in their practices.

Find out if your research qualifies for support and funding.

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